What is busy in aluminum alloy punching oil in aluminum alloy?

The aluminum alloy material is soft and is particularly likely to produce antenna, scratching, scratching in the production of stamping, and special attention to the mold manufacturing

is the following:

1. In the case of the number of projects, the punch is taken as much as possible in the back project punch, and even more than the number of punchies

can consider multi-way projects, and the punching is rushed back.

2. Aluminum material is soft and easy to block the mold, so it is appropriate to place a gap between 10% of the bilateral material when designing the mold gap, The knife mouth straight deep position is more suitable in 2mm. The taper is suitable at 0.8-1 °.

3. When the bend is molded, it is easy to produce Sheet Metal Stamping aluminum chopping due to aluminum materials, which can cause the injury, indentation,

4. For stamping parts that require an anode, If there is a flattening, pushing process 180 °, the product is not fully pressed,

completely pressing the spitting phenomenon, the seam of 0.2-0.3mm is required so that the acid solution is smooth and timely, so it is This

must do a limiting block and the calibration is higher than the mold.

5. Because of the crisp, it is easy to crack, especially in the case of counter-fold, so try not to do the line, even if

should do, do the crimp A little bit, a little bit.

1. To make the aluminum pieces are stamped, reduce the bad rate, first do 5S, especially clean, including mold, rush

bed countertop, The pipeline and packaging materials must do no needless debris, and there is no dirty regularly to rectify, and the mold is up and down

must be cleaned, no debris. 2. Discover the product burr must be timely to send mold repair and follow the result

3. Aluminum parts are more susceptible to heat, and back into collapse, so the aluminum alloy is stamped in the punching. Oil (ie

can be dissipated, and it can be smoothly cleaved.

4. More than well-punched products need to make a cleaning of the surface of the mold, do the mold, product Yonghua clean thing, reduce the incident injury, found that the top injury must The mold tip injury problem is found and solved can continue to be produced.